I'm a freelance copyeditor of trade books, based in and around New York City, with fifteen years in the publishing industry. I began in 2000 as a production editor and worked my way up in the managing editorial departments of a few of the major houses in New York over the course of the next decade while at the same time taking on freelance copyediting projects. I was privileged to have taught the famed copyediting course at NYU in 2009, and am occasionally still a guest lecturer on the subject. I went full-time freelance in 2011. Among my clients are: Penguin Random House, Harry N. Abrams, Hachette, W. W. Norton & Co., HarperCollins, OpenRoad Integrated Media, St. Martin's Press, The New Press, and Quercus. My areas of specialty include creative nonfiction, history (especially military history), science, pop culture, memoir, literary and commercial fiction, visual and performing arts, and YA. I also on rare occasions do projects on an individual, for-hire basis for those who choose to self-publish.

I earned my undergraduate degree in literature from Oberlin College, and did my graduate work in cultural studies/media studies at Georgetown University.


The images of book jackets that appear on this website are the copyrighted intellectual property of their original (often brilliant!) graphic designers and their respective publishing houses. I am using them as visual reference only. These covers represent some of the books that I am especially proud to have copyedited over the years.


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